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Sareb integrates CheckingPlan as a platform to manage the maintenance of more than 160,000 real estate assets through control mechanisms, with centralised information and an efficient record of activity that provides reports focused on process optimisation.

The client: Sareb

Sareb, the acronym by which the Sociedad de Gestión de Activos procedente de la Reestructuración Bancaria is known, was created in 2012 to help clean up the Spanish financial sector through the management of real estate for sale and rent.

In 2018, Sareb opted for CheckingPlan as software for managing the maintenance of real estate assets (CMMS - Computer Assisted Maintenance Management). Since then, the project has continued to evolve and is now based on CheckingPlan as the platform for the comprehensive management of its more than 160,000 real estate assets.

Start of the project: 2018


The main challenge faced by Sareb was to improve the management of the maintenance of more than 160,000 properties in order to enhance their value even further.

The objective was to respond to the complex management process involved in such a large volume of assets and to involve various stakeholders in the processes. In addition to the coordination with the real estate managers with which Sareb works (Haya, Altamira, Solvia, Servihabitat), coordination of the management of the various tasks (maintenance, security and reporting) with the facility services companies that are responsible for carrying out these services on the ground is also required.

To this end, Sareb's CheckingPlan environment connects with those of the various providers (servicers, facility companies and specific service providers that manage incidents in middleware with Sareb's environments).

Optimise process control and traceability.

Need to standardise the information formats and their recording (especially in the processes of adapting for the sale of properties) and the information exchange systems to optimise their recording and monitoring.

Single, shared repository for the exchange of information between suppliers.

Gather and unify information related to permits and documentation of real estate and facilitate the exchange between the actors involved in the process.

Improve the collection of information in situ.

Facilitate and speed up the task of technicians and field workers to record the information on the properties.

Sareb sought to optimise the control of the processes, the classification of the information and speed up the obtaining of basic reports.

The review of the process by CheckingPlan's consulting team identified Sareb's needs to deploy specific solutions and the correct modelling of the data, a key phase of the process.

Create areas to classify services by property manager.

Generate services associated with a questionnaire, which, when completed, records all the information on the platform.

Generate approval flows linked to a service and guarantee the traceability and validity of the information.

Generate basic and updated reports on assets to speed up decision-making.

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The solution

CheckingPlan proposed an initial pilot test focused on Sareb having a basic control of the process and passed the test with flying colors. This test, which was a first approximation, as it did not contemplate ad hoc developments, was a success: the client was able to control the process and have all the information available on a single platform.

"The most critical asset maintenance processes have been implemented in CheckingPlan, adapting the tool to Sareb's needs through weekly meetings in which we work together with its team with the aim of streamlining, optimising and extending its functionalities"


Data modelling

The platform is adapted to the language used by Sareb and is parameterised through exhaustive organisation and specific developments to optimise data loading and reporting by technical staff through field apps.

In the data modelling phase, the consultants focused on understanding what the entity needed in order to provide a simple management solution.

Flexibility and integration capabilities

CheckingPlan integrates with different management systems. On the one hand, with the master data coming from Sareb through synchronisation with its various databases and with the Sareb Responde support channel for the automation of management and citizen service tasks. In turn, Sareb's CheckingPlan environment connects with that of the various providers.

Different management roles

Users are classified into groups, which allow permissions to be set to configure access to projects, areas and reports. Permissions can be configured on a user basis or on the basis of access devices.

Questionnaires associated with services

Services are created with associated questionnaires and statuses (which is the flow of statuses that need to be taken into account and vary according to the process). In this way, the platform registers the information entered by users in real time and classified in the corresponding property file.

Field Apps

From the web environment, maintenance visits are scheduled for technicians (included in the monthly intervention schedule), who receive a list of the assets to be visited in the app. On arrival at the asset (geo-referenced), the technician has access to the schedule with the tasks to be carried out (in addition to completing the checklist, they can attach images, sign the work report and register incidents).

Deployed on the customer's cloud infrastructure, CheckingPlan provides integrated analytics and reporting tools and a mobile system where service providers report mobile work reports, incidents and check-lists on a per-intervention basis.


Documentary cleaning of each property

All the information relating to the same asset is collected in a single file in an updated and structured way and records the GPS coordinates, displays the pending documents, those that are about to expire and reports on that property, as well as a direct link to the land registry.

Traceability of activities

The traceability of the activities carried out on each property makes it possible to know which person carried out the last activity on an asset and the date. This is critical when the management involves different suppliers and when there’s a high volume of properties.

Incident management

From any of the web and app environments, users can create, manage and track incidents.

Inspection visits

The questionnaires, previously configured from the back-office, are associated to the services/visits. When the technicians carry out the tasks, they are recorded against the property.

Management of adaptations

Through the platform by means of the organisation and control of information: cost control, application tools, control of adjustments and requested documentation, etc.


Configuration and management of maintenance services (preventive and corrective) linked to specific forms for monitoring and quality control, generating automatic visit reports.

Project management

Management of adaptations (document management geared towards sales), rentals (analysis of the property's rental potential and attention to incidents in rented properties) and territorial (administration by zones, relevant information for the appraisal of each property managed directly by Sareb, etc.).

Security patrols

Surveillance patrols, registration of patrols and incidents, asset security data, vandalism warnings, occupation attempts. Periodic import of alarm reports.

Business intelligence

The platform provides the information collected in the different services already processed to guarantee process control and facilitate decision making.

Active users in backoffice

Daily app terminals
Daily incidents


Through CheckingPlan, all types of tasks related to asset management are registered, information is recorded by filling out forms and the process is monitored through approval flows. Managers can, from a single repository, review all property documentation and request adjustments.

Detailed, real-time, verified and signed reports on real estate assets.

Planning of customized services.

Minimum response times.

Efficient management of notices and incidents due to deterioration or occupation through Sareb Responde and the CheckingPlan platform.