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PHS Serkonten, a leading company in hygienic-sanitary, pest and environmental health services, relies on Geombo for the geolocation of its vehicle fleet and combines it with CheckingPlan for service management, reaching 568,050 service parts in 2020.

Customer: PHS Serkonten

PHS Serkonten is a company with a strong national presence, dedicated to pest control and to offering integral hygiene solutions for any type of establishment, public and private, through the installation and maintenance of equipment, and the provision of services that guarantee its clients the well-being and safety of their workers and visitors, as well as the good image and hygiene of their facilities.  

Project start: July 2018


  • Geolocate your fleet of 145 vehicles and terminals in real time.  
  • Planning and monitoring of employee tasks.  
  • Performance of on-demand or planned services. 
  • Punctual information to the client on the incident resolution process.
  • Grouping all information on fleets and tasks in a single tool.  
  • Create a channel between the company and the employee/customer.  
  • Simplification of internal processes.


Building on Geombo's experience in fleet management through an integrated real-time GPS location system that allows you to know the location, speed, routes and stops of all the vehicles in your fleet.

Incorporate intelligent forms thanks to CheckingPlan, with check-lists associated with each type of task, including the time spent on each task, its location and materials used.

Implement software to facilitate the assignment of tasks by location, measuring travel times and planning recurring, on-demand or sensorised tasks. 

Generate dynamic reports for workers through comprehensive and periodic reports for planning and controlling services.  

Use the web platform or app as a channel for incident management and communication between the company and employees.

Geolocation of fleets

The company incorporates Geombo as a platform for managing its fleets and customers in real time. The GPS location allows the location, speed, routes and stops of all the vehicles in its fleet to be known. PHS Serkonten has the geolocation of 145 vehicles spread over 20 branches and, in each of them, its own loaded and geo-referenced warehouse.

Generation of daily, weekly and monthly reports where each route is shown in detail:

Time of first start and last vehicle shut down.

Number of stops based on customer visits.

Total and average working time.

Stopped time and vehicle travel time.

Kilometres travelled.

Time spent in the warehouse loading and unloading materials.

Travel time to the warehouse.

Kilometres per stop (distance to reach the customer).

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Task management and monitoring  

For the management of incidents and on-demand or planned tasks of its employees, phs Serkonten relies on CheckingPlan, the intelligent platform for the optimisation and monitoring of tasks and services, connected to Geombo in order to confirm that the location of the vehicle and the technician are consistent and close to the client on which the visit has been made.

Service organisation   

Planning of tasks and services both for mobile staff and in office environments.

Reviews and quality control    

Quality control through real-time and synchronised data recording to detect inefficiencies and facilitate improvements and corrections in logistics.

Reporting and monitoring

Dynamic reports for workers and HR, as well as the ability to export reports in different formats.


The variability of tasks and services, the control of products and duration time is streamlined thanks to CheckingPlan's intelligent forms. These questionnaires monitor the time spent on each task, the location and materials used, while fleet tracking is integrated thanks to the Geombo platform that locates vehicles on route, for optimal management.  

active pagers

mobile technicians whose tasks are managed

In this way PHS Serkonten has achieved an improvement in the management of the employees' tasks, making them easier, simpler and more flexible at the same time, obtaining time optimisation through the active monitoring of the whole process and the geolocation of vehicles and terminals, which allows checking their exact location in real time and assigning tasks according to proximity and availability.

Since the implementation of CheckingPlan in 2018, the use of the platform has been steadily increasing:

  • The maximum peak of service parts performed was reached in 2020, reaching over half a million..

  • An average of around 80,000 services per month is being recorded. al mes.

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