App development

How to get that the staff of a big company shares ideas, tendencies detected in their field or know where is the competition going?


The approach of Bodegas Torres—one of the most important companies in the field in Europe and worldwide with approximately 150 years of history and 1,300 employees—is a good example of taking advantage of new technologies for creating a business culture. With vineyards in Spain, Chile, and California, the company is bridging the gap so that all the team senses closer and more committed.

How? With an app that turns all the employees into active explorers— with a very thorough design and utilization capacity—so the instant messaging habits are channeled intuitively and professionally. Thus, the app allows to save privately or share the discoveries with the rest of the team by smartphones, locating and letting them be appraised.

Engineered by Cuatroochenta in 2015, the internal app of Bodegas Torres allows employees for contrasting ideas as well as generating affinity speaking the same language in a proactive way. The app has been engineered to evolve towards gaming with the goal of rewarding the most active users. A customized solution for the internal communication with great potential which is already in the hands of a leading wine company’s team.

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