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Introducing the application for Smartphones Charming Hotels app, developed by Cuatroochenta to offer unique experiences in holidays or getaways


To shelter in a cozy hotel, an ancient convent from the 15th century in Badajoz (Spain), which still preserves its cloister, its frescos and some of the former facilities built by the Franciscan friars such as the library -a dwelling where to read a good novel as if time stood still-. This is one of the alternatives offered by the new app by Cuatroochenta, Charming Hotels.

The hotels come with different singularities: hotels by ski slopes, SPA's on the Mediterranean coast, located in natural parks or in a stately Castilian atmosphere. Each of them shows off features that make them special. The goal: providing experiences suited to the personality of each user, in a simple and clear way, at competitive prices without intermediaries. With direct booking from within the application. Available for iPhone and iPad compatible and also for Android.

One of the most useful and original tools on the app are the filters. With them, you can refine the search of the hotel to the needs of your holiday, so you can explore new sensations. In this section you have a bar to narrow the range of prices, a geographical locator and also categories by type of experience you are looking for: adventure, relaxation, romantic escapade, unique landscapes, gastronomy, beach, mountain, urban, family, party, cultural, wine...In short, to tailor your holidays.

The Cuatroochenta's application shows a display of hotels with photos, sorted based on proximity to your location. It shows the room rates, including a map view to locate every corner of Spain where there are Charming Hotels. Clicking on each hotel you will see its description, address, location, special offers, services and conditions. It also includes places to visit near the hotel so that you can plan your whole trip; the events held at the hotel or its vicinity and the weather in the area.

Finally, you will start your reservation from within the app directly with the hotel: Cuatroochenta does not charge commissions.

Download it to enjoy it on iOS or Android. Over 3,300 people already use it.


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