App development

Something as useful and simple as locating with you mobile your nearest gas stations with the best prices for your car fuel, this is one of the many features that better illustrates the philosophy that inspired Cuatroochenta to develop Northgate Driver app for the leader company of flexible car rental in Spain, with the aim of improving the customer experience with a new way of driving assistance.

The new Northgate app is available and free on App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The main features that can be enjoyed by the new app Northgate customers can be summarized in four points:

  • Alarms: the user has all the information about his Northgate vehicle in a dynamic way and in real time, and receives check up notices, maintenance, vehicle inspection, availability…
  • Efficiency: the app has a ranking of efficient cars by category, and also registers and controls customer consumption, comparing it to other users.
  • Saving: the app pinpoints the lowest prices in your nearest service stations to your location for your car fuel.
  • Report incidents: the customer may ask for assistance, process an accident claim and report a stolen vehicle easily and safely via your mobile phone.

The development of Northgate Driver app represented for Cuatroochenta an example of proximity and close collaboration with the customer given the major challenge that arose. “We have decided to develop a tool that could help day-to-day drivers. An important challenge from the technological point of view, as all the provided information in the app is practically immediate and in real time”, highlights Juan Enrique Durá, IT director of Northgate and project manager. “The launching of Northgate Driver is a milestone in optimizing the experience of our customers. In addition to the current benefits, we will periodically assign new features that we will keep working on”, adds Durá.

Northgate is a British multinational company of car rental that introduced the flexible rental to Spain for companies and professionals, being one of the largest national rental operators and leader in light commercial and industrial vehicles and characterized by a comprehensive service and efficiency. Currently, Northgate Spain has a fleet of 40 000 vehicles for more than 6000 companies, with the largest network of local offices and workshops.



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