Cooperative, responsible and intelligent financing of culture

Adsculture lines up the various interests and needs of final users, culture managers and brands through the latest advertising trends and online sponsorship, bringing the online model to the physical world.

The App has been designed for iOs and Android, and allows culture managers to publish information about culture related objects and works, brands to sponsor this publications and final users to have free access to the information.

ADS Culture, app desarrollada por Cuatroochenta

ADSCULTURE is a web and mobile App where the user can access the information about the works that have been uploaded to the system. This access can be made by navigating or searching within the application, using filters or geolocation (by proximity to the user), through ibeacons (cutting-edge Bluetooth markers) or via image recognition of the work itself or of a QR code that may be situated next to it.

When accessing a work’s card, the user will find several interactive tools, such as audio guides, text descriptions, videos, 360º images and pictures. Besides, the card is sponsored by one or two companies that will be shown as the “sponsors”.

Advertising is approached from a “support to culture” approach and from a brand positioning linked to corporative social responsibility.

The money given by the sponsors will be used for the work’s maintenance and improvement, as it will be managed by its author.