Cuatroochenta develops for Butech, a subsidiary of Porcelanosa Group, an app that allows to calculate the amount of ceramic materials needed for the development of architectural projects.

How much material do I need? The Butech Calculator provides this answer automatically through a proprietary algorithm that allows us to know the amount of materials and the ne cessary information to develop any installation project and/or assembly of materials from Butech's catalogue from the user’s mobile phone; optimising resources and facilitating the daily work.

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A professional tool for installers and fitters to calculate the amount of construction material they need to develop any project from the catalogue of Butech, an engineering subsidiary of the Porcelanosa Group specialised in the technical development and execution of architectural projects in which ceramics is the main element.

With a simple and intuitive operation, users will only have to fill in a series of fields from which the app, developed by Cuatroochenta, will make the final calculation: surface, joint width and types of adhesive and support. The result is a complete report with all the necessary data.

Functionalities of the Butech Calculator

Obtain automatically and easily the necessary information (performance, quantity, type, number, etc) about the adhesive, gaskets, crossheads and wedges.

Sharing findings in a report via the mobile phone clipboard.

Quickly access screenshots of the latest reports generated.