Create and manage a digital card, in a comfortable and simple way, from your mobile

An app that transforms the concept of traditional, physical business cards and takes it to the digital world, creating networks that allow and facilitate contacts between professionals through social network and instant messaging features.

Starting from a simple digital card, TalentCard users can create their own professional profile in a straightforward way and connect with other users. An approach to networking that connects users by allowing the creation and management of personal cards repositories, instant communication features and notifications including new career opportunities. It breaks the barriers of the offline world.

The app integrates on smartphones and allows call making, e-mail sending and company location sharing. It includes also TalentCard Pro, an advanced subscription payment service with improved features.

Pantalla Talentcard, app desarrollada por Cuatroochenta

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App features:

  • Presentation of professional contacts in an innovative way
  • Recommendations and introductions between users
  • Access to the users’ professional profiles and exchange of business cards
  • Collective notifications to contacts to announce career or business opportunities
  • Creation of a comprehensive digital profile including the user’s picture and an introductory note
  • Chat with contacts either individually or in groups
  • Convenient and easy management of a digital business card repository via a smartphone
  • Export of contacts to desktop applications
  • Integration on smartphones