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The client: Grupo RENFE

A transformative process is underway in the document management of contracts within the RM (Risk Management), incorporating FAMA, a multi-award-winning company, as a platform for document management and validation. The primary goal is to streamline control and ensure compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Risk Prevention Act and the ensuing regulations, among other essential aspects.

«In leveraging the FAMA CAE management tool, we have successfully shone the spotlight on Occupational Risk Prevention and are seeing increased awareness of the preventive culture within the RENFE Group.»

Marina Bertomeu, Manager of Preventive Management and Planning, RENFE Group.

The solution:

The platform provided by the award-winning company (FAMA) serves as a comprehensive management and document validation tool covering social, labor, legal, data protection, and preventive aspects. It is tailored to meet the specific requirements outlined in the special Conditions of corresponding contracts.

This cloud-based software, which can be accessed online, is designed with simplicity in mind and can be adjusted to client requirements. It functions as a user-friendly tool facilitating the management of contracts and installations. It provides insights into the status of each contractor and subcontractor, ensuring the seamless delivery, receipt, and management of all documents essential for each contract.

Within this technological solution, designed to automate and centralize all aspects related to the contract scope, the FAMA APP offers real-time document access for external personnel. This control is based on the validation of documentation provided by contractors and subcontractors, ensuring a streamlined and integrated approach to managing contract-related processes.

The results:


The tool facilitates the verification and ongoing monitoring of compliance with the necessary documentation at the contract level. This includes considerations for social, labor, legal, data protection, and preventive aspects, as well as specific requirements outlined in the Special Conditions of the corresponding contracts.


Achieving increased agility and optimization in contract document management involves several key aspects:

  • Centralized management on a single platform
  • Document review in 24 hours
  • A reduced volume of e-mails and/or calls

Comprehensive control of contract and installation information includes:

  • Classification by contract, company, territorial scope and start/end dates
  • Common information repository
  • Monitoring and control reports
  • Possibility of more exhaustive and timely monitoring of incidents through the different alerts defined

SaaS platform (Software as a Service).


Thanks to the flexible APP, we have found it far easier to keep track of contractors and subcontractors and to give them access to the areas where they need to work.

«Thanks to FAMA and its document management and validation platform, we have successfully achieved a more effective and efficient integration of Occupational Risk Prevention within the RENFE Group»

Marina Bertomeu, Manager of Preventive Management and Planning, RENFE Group

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