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Monteloeder and Clesa successfully test Actilac, a milk drink for weight control with a natural bioactive compound (Metabolaid) that is supported by an app developed by Cuatroochenta to gamify the incorporation of healthy habits.

With the Actilac app, it was possible to monitor weight and incorporate, in a simple and entertaining way, new habits to have a much healthier life. The app was born from a pilot project promoted by Monteloeder, a world leader in the supply of botanical ingredients for dietary supplements, with a Clesa milk drink. With the same name as the app, the Actilac drink is based on the Metabolaid ingredient, a natural bioactive compound that reduces the effects of metabolic syndrome, which affects 70% of the world’s obese population.

In 2019 Monteloeder partnered with Clesa, one of the most important dairy companies in Spain with more than 75 years of experience. The two joined forces to offer this yoghurt-based drink with Metabolaid’s natural, patented formula made from extracts of hibiscus and lemon verbena. The idea was for the product to be linked to a mobile application that would help achieve the objectives.

The app, developed by Cuatroochenta in 2019, allowed the effectiveness of the drink to be monitored in an easy, convenient and fun way, accompanied by a gamification of healthy habits. The results of the first 400 tests, in 2020, demonstrated the success of the pilot test. 87% of people remained active after 90 days, a much higher percentage than in trials of this kind.

 “Most consumers perceived that without the app they would not have been able to complete the 90-day trial and that they planned to continue taking the product and using the app.”


With the Actilac app, consumers can see if they manage to lose weight and track their diet.

Appetite level

The app launches guidelines to control meal frequency or reduce appetite.

Healthy habits  

It reminds you of the importance of acquiring healthy habits such as eating fruit and vegetables every day and taking physical exercise.

Weight control  

Collects data on weight, height, gender and age which in turn will monitor and thus care for and improve health.


In a fun way, every week, send a challenge to improve health. Daily reminders about product intake and other habits help to improve health. Every successful action is rewarded with points.  


Based on the data and conclusions drawn from the first 400 tests: 

87% are active 90 days later.

Daily consumption of fruit, vegetables and water doubles.

85% report weight loss with an average of 6kg in 3 months.

Frequency of weekly physical activity doubled.

Active 90 days later
Weight loss
“We wanted to help consumers lose weight and improve their health by relying on a personalised digital solution”

Jonathan Jones (PhD and Head of Product Development at Monteloeder) and Cristina Sansano (Head of Digital Product Design)

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