The leading insurance company in Central America ASSA automates the automobile inspections of its experts with an app developed by Cuatroochenta

ASSA is committed to the digitalisation of vehicle, home and other insurance assessments and inspections carried out by its commercial partners through an app development by Cuatroochenta. A tool that allows the appraisers of the leading insurance company in Central America to use the app at the time of the inspection and automate this process in a simple, fast and secure way.

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The app can be used in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua. To access the app, it is necessary to log in. ASSA Inspections allows car claims to be made by registering general data (name, telephone, e-mail, claim number, etc.), type of client (insured or affected) and type of claim (car or other goods). In addition, the inspector can take photographs and complete the claim by adding the necessary documentation directly from their mobile phone and the client can sign the claim at the same time using the app. ASSA Inspections also allows for on-the-spot inspections or to locate a policy and certificate for claims.

Functionalities of the ASSA Inspections app

  • Exclusive use for ASSA business partners in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador..
  • Create car claims, adding all the necessary information and documentation.
  • Perform auto inspections.
  • Claim and payment by locating the policy and certificate during the inspection.
  • Access to the history and information sheets of issued policies.