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A private app that creates true communication inside companies by connecting employees and stakeholders in a direct way, facilitating the flow of ideas and keeping the team informed. SweetComm, a safe and friendly app, is being successfully implemented in a variety of sectors.

It is a kind of Instagram where ideas and information can be shared within your company, and where team members can interact in a friendly, secure and closed environment. SweetComm, the internal communication app developed by Cuatroochenta during 2018 as a result of our experience in this area, has started to be implemented by businesses in different sectors, with the aim of establishing a swift and innovative channel which in turn contributes to a richer enterprise culture.

SweetComm works very much like usual social networks, only in private environments such as a corporate intranets, so that employees can quickly become familiar with the app without a need for training. The use is very intuitive: after downloading and registration, profiles can use it and interact with others in less than one minute.

The application allows users to post, rate and comment on content published by any team member as image, video, GIF or links from external websites, which enables a real, efficient and immediate internal communication. In addition, the less formal tone and the horizontal nature of message sending and receiving favors proximity and complicity between colleagues in a professional environment.

General and segmented groups with a guarantee of privacy

At the same time, SweetComm is designed so that the information shared is interesting for users, reducing noise and corporate spam to a minimum. How? The app allows for a straightforward configuration of a general group integrating all employees and also groups by areas, delegations, projects, products, etc. All in a RGPD-compliant, safe and reliable environment, with a guarantee of privacy both between the organization and external actors and between different internal groups.

The Cuatroochenta internal communication app originated from an ambitious, open innovation project developed for the Aragon Food Cluster. With the aim of creating a virtual space favoring R + D + i in the agri-food industry, an ad hoc application was created that functions as a social network for all partners, which include businesses, technology centers and universities of Aragon, such as Cervezas Ambar, Pastas Romero and Grandes Vinos, among others.

Based on this experience, SweetComm is standardizing an internal communication app model to make it more accessible, specially for international or geographically dispersed businesses that need an efficient channel to bring their teams together.


Own and customizable app

The app has very soon started to raise interest in businesses in different sectors, such as Bodegas Paniza, a producer of reference Cariñena wines with Protected Designation of Origin exporting to more than 30 countries, or Sofistic, a technological company specialized in security with headquarters in Spain, Chile and Panama. Each of these companies has its own app, with distinct descriptions in Google Play and App Store, restricted access and fully customized with logos and corporate colors.

sweetcomm bodegas paniza

sweetcomm sofistic



SAAS model

A customizable app with the advantages of a software license model; in other words, much more affordable than custom development. SweetComm can be requested as SaaS (software as a service), whose monthly fee depends on the number of active app users.

Functionality of the SweetComm internal communication app

  • Wall of publications where users can rate ("Interested" or "Going" if it's an event) and comment on thoughts, images, videos, GIF, links, etc. with ideas or information about the company and the sector.
  • Configuration of different types of content: experiences, ideas, incidents, events, tips...
  • Filter of publications by type to allow users to select what is displayed on their wall.
  • Privacy: users can choose to have their posts seen by the entire company or only by their department colleagues.
  • Automatic geolocation so that users can see where entries are posted from.
  • Each user has a profile with his/her picture, position, department and contact details.
  • Push notifications with corporate info or news.