July 2018

  • New brand and new website: Cuatroochenta expands mission

    Cuatroochenta launches web and brand to strengthen its position as a technological company in Europe and Latin America, maintaining the app development as the axis and opening the focus to the digital transformation consulting. On the horizon, the MaB.

  • Moviltik takes the parking meter to the mobile phone of 30,000 drivers in 12 cities

    The app developed by Cuatroochenta, in a project together with Vectalia and Pavapark, continues growing to facilitate payment for the real time of parking in the ‘pay and display’ areas of cities such as Alicante and Santiago.

June 2018

  • Digital transformation in sales: Zumex Group’s product catalogue app

    Present in 100 countries, Zumex Group has a powerful sales network which is now given a new tool to streamline and optimize processes.

  • 2018: the year a chatbot changed your life?

    Chatbots: opportunities to interact in new ways with businesses and institutions

May 2018

  • An app to promote open innovation in the food industry

    Cuatroochenta develops an app for members of the Aragon Food Cluster that functions as a social network to foster collaboration and innovation.

  • Aquarama waterpark

    Connecting with the customer through the online channel and expanding their experience to build loyalty. Aquarama has quadrupled the sale of tickets by web and app with an integral digital strategy aimed at results.  

  • Eating in the 21st century: a pleasure sorrounded by science and technology

    Diets adapted to our own genes and health monitoring technologies are changing our relationship with food and nutrition.

April 2018

  • Transformando tu salud digitalmente 3

  • Digitally transforming your health

    How digital transformation impacts health and self-care

February 2018

  • Can bots care for the elderly in their own homes?

    Interview with Professor Oscar Belmonte about the Senior Monitoring project on bots for dependent elderly people

  • Cuatroochenta, on MaB’s runway

    The company presents at the Madrid Stock Exchange the progress made since joining the Entorno Pre-Mercado platform, in view of going public on the alternative trading system Mercado Alternativo Bursátil.

January 2018

  • The Encuentra 24 app leads Classifieds in Central America with 1.5 million downloads

    The consolidation of a reference project at an international reference. Encuentra24 renewed functionality and design with Cuatroochenta’s support

  • KPIs for apps: How to SMART monitor an app

    Selection of KPIs to monitor an app based on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related) objectives

December 2017

  • Consum supermarkets personalize communication with customers through its app

    The app reaches 30% more users than last year

  • Google chooses a project from Grupo Zeta and Cuatroochenta on innovation in hyperlocal information

    A platform to generate high quality content on neighborhoods in big cities, which also helps monetize hyperlocal media by connecting small businesses’ products and services with consumers. This is the project selected by Google for its European Digital News...

  • Cuatroochenta gets Google’s ‘ID card’

    A project of El Periódico and Cuatroochenta to monetize hyperlocal media has been granted Google funding through the DNI journalism innovation program.

  • Why has Intimind been chosen among the best 2017 apps in Latin America?

    The meditation app has been valued like the most entertaining in 2017

November 2017

  • What is React Native? The way to app development is changing

    Benefits of developing apps with React Native technology: optimization of processes and the experience of native apps

  • How to gamify internal communication in app format

    4 examples of gamification applied to digital transformation in corporate internal processes

  • Launch of Legends, the first global network of grassroots football

    The app serves to connect players and clubs around the world

October 2017

  • 10 tips on how to keep users and generate loyalty for your app

    How to keep users from uninstalling an application

August 2017

  • Rithmi, the stroke prevention app, detects early arrhythmias and is selected by Lanzadera

    A project technically developed by Cuatroochenta is capable of detecting arrhythmias in real time with a smart bracalet

July 2017

  • Cuatroochenta opens new Italian branch at the prestigious PoliHub

    Cuatroochenta consolidates its internationalisation by opening new own offices at Politecnico di Milano

  • Healthcare apps: which ones can I trust?

    Why it proliferate? What it solve? How is possible identify the most reliable health apps?

June 2017

  • Hybrid or Native App? It depends

    Many companies ask themselves this question when starting an App project: Should we develop a hybrid or a native App? You can guess the answer: there is no option. It depends. There is no closed-response; we need to choose the...

  • The new version of 480Interactive improves features for content marketing

     The new version 4.7 of 480interactive allows to publlish your app with the number of content that you want

May 2017

  • Presentation in Alicante of the Moviltik app, to make driver’s lives easier

    The app to bring the parking meter in the pocket Moviltik has been implemented in Alicante

  • Pre-Market Environment, Spanish Markets and Stock Exchanges, funding of startups, the Valencia Stock Exchange.

    Cuatroochenta was selected in the first ‘Pre-Market Environment’ to push its flotation on the Stock Exchange

April 2017

  • 11 keys to digital education for smartphone use optimisation

    How can I ensure that my smartphone is at my service and not the other way round?

March 2017

  • Internal Communication Catching up with an App-Format: Case Study of Bodegas Torres

    How to get that the staff of a big company shares ideas, tendencies detected in their field or know where is the competition going? How to do it in an agile and creative way to catch spontaneity? Bodegas Torres...

January 2017

  • SEAT Martorell site applies Sefici for incident management

    The incident management app Sefici closes their financing round with success as the SEAT plant in Martorell starts to use it.

December 2016

  • Encuentra24. How to successfully move a community of millions of users from the web to an app

    The success story for classified advertisements apps, Encuentra24, leader in Central America with 1 million users, has been developed by Cuatroochenta

  • Where does the milk you drink come from? A virtual reality experience to connect brands and consumers

    A virtual reality experience through a 360° video, in which the user gets in a Jeep and accompanies a rancher in his visit along his ranch in order to learn the origin of the new Leche Eroski (Eroski milk)...

November 2016

  • Cuatroochenta sets foot in Silicon Valley (journal from San Francisco)

    Cuatroochenta’s diary from San Francisco about its participation in inmersion program at Silicon Valley

October 2016

  • Next stop: Silicon Valley

    The ICEX Spain Tech Center in San Francisco selects Cuatroochenta for its Immersion Program at Silicon Valley

  • 480interactive is renewed after reaching 40,000 non-programmed apps around the world

    480 Interactive is renewed after attaining 40,000 no programming apps created at world level and launches ‘Sales Force 480i’ to show the best

  • Moviltik, the app for paying the real time spent in a restricted parking zone and avoid fines

    The driver pays for parking in the blue zone without paper tickets or previous credits , avoiding complaints with a waning system

  • Huge success of an augmented reality experience in Olympic sports at the electricity company EDP stand at a fair

    Cuatroochenta develops with Ros an augmented reality experience woth Olympics sports at the EDP multi-national pavilion that is causing sensation in the Asturias International Trade Show

July 2016

  • Where does the milk I drink come from? Virtual reality to connect brand and consumers

June 2016

  • The Ministry of Industry selects Cuatroochenta to represent the sector at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai

    The apps development company Cuatroochenta, selected to represent the Spanish sector in the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai

  • University Entrance Examination Guide App, the student’s favorite guide

May 2016

  • How to protect an app’s name and functionality

    Guidelines and cost to protect the name and functionality of a mobile application

  • How do we make an app?

    Cuatroochenta’s method: 10 steps to develop a mobile app

  • Cuatroochenta Apps serve 500.000 public transport in Valencia, Alicante, Albacete, Cáceres, Mérida, and Alcoi

  • Cuatroochenta awarded the Onda Cero Castellón 2016 Prize in the category of Internet and New Technologies

    “Organizations and individuals who during this course have made an outstanding contribution, for their efforts and values to make us all more proud of Castellón”. With such praise Cuatroochenta received the official confirmation of Onda Ceor Castellón 2016 Prize,...

  • Cuatroochenta creates a virtual reality department with the collaboration of Video Games Degree students of UJI

  • Jobbie is here, the app for sharing skills

  • ‘Capture the flag’ wins Goya, premieres in Latin America and opens its official apps

  • Cuatroochenta and Blast Off Partners invited to the Startup Europe Week

  • Virtual reality and productivity apps enter the ceramic tile sector at Cevisama

  • Cuatroochenta, the innovative company with the best track record in 2015 in the Valencian Community

  • Cuatroochenta present in the first Vodafone Fast Forward Session

  • Launch of Sefici, the professional incident management app

  • “Atrapa La Bandera”, leading in theatres and most downloaded apps rankings

  • Cuatroochenta, Prize CEEI Castellón-IVACE 2015 for Entrepreneurial Career

  • Northgate Drive. A new concept of efficient driving in app format

  • Viña Rock festival measures audience agitation with Cuatroochenta’s technology

March 2016

  • Journalism initiates immersion into virtual reality with empathy

    The publication of the first immersive pieces in virutal reality, spread in app format to enjoy them with virtual reality glasses, in journalism.

June 2015

  • The walking dead and the development of apps

    Analogy between The Walking Dead and the process of developing a mobile app

March 2015

  • Charming Hotels App sails to cross-current and stops being free

November 2014

  • Cuatroochenta develops the app for Rey Supermarkets, leading company in Panama

  • Forbes Magazine highlights Cuatroochenta Latam as “leading innovation firm” in a broad report.

    ‘Cuatroochenta, company recognized with several awards for innovation in Spain, made a strategic alliance with a major business group in Panama. From this joint venture Cuatroochenta Latam was born; the Panamanian subsidiary has become a business leader dedicated to...

October 2014

  • App allows remote control of home heating via smartphones

  • The new app for Albacete’s urban bus calculates the CO2 emission savings

    Cuatroochenta develops the Albacete Subus app to help users plan their urban routes

July 2014


    The Wallet App project developed jointly by Cuatroochenta and Pay No Pain, finalist in the Mobile to Payments Latam Awards by Frecuencia Latinoamerica  


    Fnac Guide 2.0 created by using 480interactive of Cuatroochenta, by Complot creativity agency

June 2014

  • Nestlé ice cream ‘Fills streets with life’ with 3D performances in an app developed by Cuatroochenta for BBDO

    Cuatroochenta develops the app for the promotional campaign of nestle ice-creams llena la calle de vida fill the streets with life with 3d performances under bbdo guidance

May 2014

  • Cuatroochenta Panama competes with Silicon Valley companies in the development of an app for Citibank in Latin America

    Cuatroochenta Latam, finalist in the app competition by Citibank Latin America as the sole representative of Panama

February 2014

  • Cuatroochenta develops app for Panama’s Open Festival

    Cuatroochenta responsible for the development of the application for Festival Abierto: one of the most important culcural events of the year in Panama

January 2014

  • We make your dreams come app

    In Cuatroochenta we like internalizing the aspirations of our clients to make them happen; to be much more than developers of applications for smartphones and tablets: a team that lovingly cares the entire process, since the initial idea is...

  • Cuatroochenta launches the app of ZAZ Food Store in Panama

    The new retail chain ZAZ Food Store, which has 24-hour convenience stores throughout Panama, launches its native application for iOS and Android devices developed by Cuatroochenta. A strategic project, since it means the first milestone in the implementation of the Spanish...

December 2013

  • App ‘Bogotá Exclusiva’, a VIP entertainment guide

    Bogota Exclusiva App. A VIP entertainment guide to land in Colombia

October 2013

  • 480interactive’s coming of age at Matadero de Madrid

    Cuatroochenta presents 480interactive, the tool that turns interactive publications into apps for iPad and Android tablets

  • Cuatroochenta associates with Tagarópulos group to start implementation in Latin America

    The apps development company Cuatroochenta begins its alliance with Tagaropulos Group in Panama, a leader in the distribution and retail of food, after developing an app for one of its chains, ZAZ

September 2013

  • Cuatroochenta participates in the exhibition “New ideas for new times” in the Cupula del Milenio in Valladolid

    The 14th and 15th of September Cuatroochenta exposes in the Cupula del Milenio of Valladolid important novelties about 480 interactive within the firs exhibition ‘New ideas for new times’, organized by ASOFED

August 2013

  • Native App vs Web App

    What’s best: native apps or web apps? Which are the differences? Those are the questions we hear most as app developers when planning the development of a mobile application.

  • Charming Hotels App by Cuatroochenta launches its Android version with a raffle: one free night at a luxury hotel in Seville

    The Charming Hotels application, which was launched for iOS last winter, is now available for Android Smartphones. And it wants to celebrate by raffling a double room in the luxury hotel Hacienda de San Rafael in Seville, to enjoy...

July 2013

  • Internet, smartphones and people

    The number of Smartphone users in China is driving the number of internet users

June 2013

  • Once again Cuatroochenta develops the application for the Arenal Sound Festival

    The iOS and Android app of the Arenal Sound music festival developed by Cuatroochenta second year in a row accumulates more than 11,500 downloads

  • Cope Awards: the honour to share awards with model companies

    Young Entrepreneurs Award in the third edition of Cope Castellon Adwards

May 2013

  • Cuatroochenta, Young Company Award

    Company of the Year Award from Mediterraneo Newspaper to Soluciones Cuatroochenta in the category of ‘Young Company’ at the gala held in the Auditorium of Castellon

April 2013

  • The Villarreal FC official app now also available for Android

    Villarreal FC presents its official application for Android smarphones developed by Cuatroochenta and now available on Google Play for free. It has the same features that the one which was launched for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

March 2013

  • Charming Hotels App. Customized tourism with character

    Introducing the application for Smartphones Charming Hotels app, developed by Cuatroochenta to offer unique experiences in holidays or getaways

  • Cuatroochenta wins Bancaja’s award for young entrepreneurs and UJI’s Consell Social award

    Alfredo R. Cebrian (Cuatroochenta) collects the Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs Award and the Student Entrepreneurship Award from the Social Council of the University of Castellon

February 2013

  • Cuatroochenta developes the official Magdalena Festivities application for third year running

    Presentation the Magdalena 2013 app for iOS and Android, developed by Cuatroochenta for the Festivity Board of the City Hall of Castellon for the third consecutive year. New interface and possibility of saving all the favorite events on the...

  • Cuatroochenta will play with Maniak Sports Club at national competitions of e-Sports

    Presentation of the sponsorship of Maniak eSports Club by Cuatroochenta at national competitions of eSports, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II, FIFA 13 or Leagye of Legends

January 2013

  • The 480th Follower on Facebook, going to festival

    He is 22 years old and combines his studies at the University Jaume I of Castellón with his first professional incursion in the field of computing. He likes pop music and fencing. He is David Rodriguez, the fan number 480...

  • Interacting for one year

    We have been interacting for one year and we embark on 2013, a year full of exciting projects. Cuatroochenta has been recognized in its effort to provide the most useful and advanced applications with awards such as the Bancaja...

  • EMT Valencia app: 25,000+ users

December 2012

  • The Social Council of the University of Castellon awards Cuatroochenta with the entrepreneurship award ex aequo

  • Cuatroochenta: one year developing apps and advanced software awarded with the Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs 2012

November 2012

  • 480 Interactive, a bridge between Adobe InDesign and iPad to get impressive publications

  • Cuatroochenta presents 480Interactive at the Entrepreneurs Day Fair

October 2012

  • Video about Mobile Life, the largest study on mobile consumers, by TNS

    Video about TNS study on mobile usage

  • Villarreal FC app gains great success in the media and among ‘groguet’ supporters

  • Villarreal FC app integrates an innovative social game to reward the most loyal followers

September 2012

  • Cuatroochenta participates in NLK Media project

August 2012

  • Cuatroochenta’s app for Arenal Sound leads App Store music ranking

    The official app of the Arenal Sound Festival, developed by Cuatroochenta, gets over 10,000 downloads and leads the free music apps ranking on the Apple Store

June 2012

  • Media highlights Cuatroochenta’s apps for music festivals

April 2012

  • Cuatroochenta develops the mobile application for the Vinya Rock Festival

    A complete guide to not miss a single detail of the festival: line-up, schedules, bands or information on how to get there or where to sleep. Cuatroochenta has developed the mobile application for the seventeenth edition of the Vinya...

February 2012

  • Pioneering app for Castellón Chamber of Commerce

    Cuatroochenta develops a pioneer mobile application for the Chamber of Commerce of Castellon

  • New web viewer for radiological images with online maps technology

    Cuatroochenta develops for 3dicom a web viewer of radiological images with online maps technology; a great step for teleradiology in hospitals

October 2011

  • Cuatroochenta develops commercial management app for the 4th Spanish pharmaceutical company

    The tool developed by Cuatroochenta begin its implementation in the delegation in Colombia of the multinational Faes Farma. It will spread to South America and Africa

  • Sergio Aguado at TVE special on the ‘Open Chamber 20’ iWeekend

    We are on TV! Sergio Aguado, from Cuatroochenta, in the especial report about the iWeekend in ‘Camara Abierta 2.0’

  • Cuatroochenta receives Radio Castellón-Cadena Ser 2011 Science award

    Cuatroochenta gets the 2011 Science Award by Radio Castellon-Cadena Ser in a multitudinous event

  • Radio Castellon Cadena Ser Science Award

    This Friday we dress for a ball to receive, with honors, the award in the category of science given annually by Castellon Cadena Ser Radio.

September 2011

  • We’re going to iWeekend

    This weekend Castellon hosts one of the editions of the iWeekend, the third to be held in the city. The goal of this event, targeted to entrepreneurs and professionals with different profiles, is to accomplish the whole process of...